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For every restaurant in Lahore Pakistan, point of sale (POS) system is its backbone. indeed plenty of restaurants in Lahore Pakistan have or will begin to use server handheld tablets to upgrade the guest experience. Moreover, a restaurant POS is not only an order-taking system, it actually does more. A POS system can usefully manage your billing, marketing, stock & inventory, analytics etc. It is hard to assume a restaurant running smoothly without a POS system or with one that lags!
Good POS system can work both online and offline making sure that the data remains unharmed and the restaurant never stops.
To make the task of choosing the Accurate POS System simpler, we have highlighted the key properties you’ll want to study when making your choice.

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Should Provide Robust Support

Restaurateurs in Lahore Pakistan often complain about not having appropriate customer support from the POS service provider. Look for a POS system that has a powerful industrial hold and is competent of providing Excellent Technical Support.
The quality of a restaurant POS system can be determined by its after-sales service. As a user, you shouldn’t have to deal with bad customer service experience.
There must be someone to help you always whenever you need it. So the support quality should be first class.

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Should Provide Mobile Analytics

This is very important to analyze progress of your restaurant. This helps you understand if things are running smoothly at your restaurant. A POS system should give you an option of Real-Time Reporting and analysis on your mobile device.
A mobile device is something that everyone has swift access to; hence, it becomes necessary to have a quality in your POS system that allows you to manage and view reports on the go!

It should give you an option to generate custom reports as everybody has different requirements and desires to see different reports.
For a manager, viewing the reports related to sales, performance, etc. is more necessary, and for a chef, it is more necessary to view the reports related to the inventory. Having the potential to view custom reports according to needs assist cancel any extra noise, as guests see only what they want to. The POS system should be very well organized, and there shouldn’t be any variance in the reporting.

Restaurant POS System Software Company

Should Have Specific Restaurant POS Features

Go for a point of sale (POS) thats is specifically made for restaurant operation and it makes the restaurant operation easier and smooth. So spend time and look for a POS that is specific to your restaurant type and will help your restaurant operation better.
A person operating a QSR has different requirements as compared to a person running fine dining. Look for a restaurant POS that has the restaurant-specific features. If you are running a bakery look for a restaurant POS Specifically Created For Facilitating Bakery Operations.

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Should Be Open To Third-Party Integrations

If you wish to switch from an old POS system to a new one the most critical factor is to check if the new system allows data integration. A POS System Which is open to integration will allow you to feed the old data onto it. This makes sure that the previous data is not lost and you have everything intact in one place.

Data integration allows you to combine data from several different sources and use them in one place. It helps build your restaurant’s data warehouse which allows you to perform analysis based on the available data. Features to look out for are :
Accounting integration allows you to push the data into accounting software and generate sales vouchers and receipt without any manual errors.
Payment integration – With several modes of online payment options available today, it becomes very important to look for a system that allows you to accept payment from different sources like digital wallets, Apple Pay, etc.

Cloud telephony integration – This is again an essential feature to look for in a POS system. It allows you to accept orders through a phone call now, the catch here is looking for a system that automatically transfers the call to the next available line whenever the first phone line is busy. This ensures that you don’t miss out on order even on a busy day! Also, a good POS system should be able to identify the orders that were placed through a phone call.

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Should Provide End-to-end Management

Its always better to have a restaurant POS that provides end-to-end management instead of having multiple tools and software that perform individual tasks. For example, there are many restaurant marketing tools and Loyalty Programs available in the market, but unless they receive the data from the POS, they would not be able to yield much results. Having all your operations on the same platform streamlines the entire process and generates much higher results. Some of the main operations that your restaurant POS should be able to facilitate are –

  • Order taking and billing
  • Table reservation
  • Online ordering
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Base kitchen management
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Reporting and analytics

The restaurant owners are always on a lookout for beating this tough competition and making their restaurant known for quick service and best food. While maintaining the food quality is up to you the service quality can be increased using an excellent restaurant POS system. We hope the points mentioned above would make the work more comfortable for you and help you find a restaurant POS system which would help you manage your restaurant more systematically. Contact us Restaurant POS System Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and from other cities of Lahore.


Best Restaurant POS System Software In Pakistan

Mutfakpos is a top Restaurant POS Software of Pakistan that is specially and specifically designed for restaurant, coffee houses, Pizza Shops, Food Delivery, Take away outlets etc.

It has strong restaurant inventory system and reporting system makes it unique. Its very user friendly and it really works great even at peak hours of restaurant operation. This is not only a POS software, it is a system that automates your restaurant completely. If you are worried for your restaurant inventory, staff management, Wastage etc, you must try mutfakpos restaurant pos. For free demo you may call or whats app at office. You may go through its features and layout at mutfakpos Restaurant POS features at home page. MutfakPOS is the best choice as Restaurant POS System Lahore.

Features of Mutfak Restaurant POS

Essential Restaurant Management System Software Features to Look Out For!

Restaurant pos point of sale software

Inventory & Recipe Management

Powerful & Simple Inventyory System Linked With Recipe Management To Control Restaurant Wastage
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Caller ID (Delivery Automation)

Transfers Customer Calls From Landline Or Mobile To System, Saves Customer Data, Food History To Inform Them About Occasionally Discounts
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Strong Reporting System

Dozens Of Powerful Reports With Special Filters To Grow Your Business Fast
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Kitchen Display Screen & Print System

Aapprove Or Reject Visually & Audibly Transmitted Orders. Measure Kitchen & Preparation Times Of Orders Automatically
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Waiter Tab Ordering System

Orders is transmitted to kitchen faster when servers accept them tableside rather than traditional paper-based methods
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Staff & Vendor Management

Keeps Staff Data With Their Performance Reports, As Well As Vendor's Payments History
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Remote Monitoring

Monitor your Branches 'Instant Sales Information' On Your Smart Phones
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User Friendly & To The Point

Speedy, On Target & Simple Specially Designed To Handle Rush Hours Of Restaurant
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Excellent Technical Support

Efficinet & Prompt Responding Support, Always There To Assisit You To Resolve Your Cencerns
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