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Dear Restaurant Owner, If you are looking for a Restaurant POS System Software Company, you are at the right page. Either you have Fine Dining Restaurant, Pizza Shop, Coffee House, Tea House, Smart Food Stalls, Food Trucks, Home Delivery, just keep few things in mind before finalizing Restaurant Point of Sale Solution. Because Restaurant POS is back bone of your restaurant operation. When considering a Point of Sale for your restaurant, keep these five points top of mind during your evaluation process.

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User Friendly Interface

Your staff use advanced software in their personal lives (tablets, smart phones, smart televisions, smart watches). Having to come into your restaurant and use poorly-designed, outdated, slow software, can quickly become a significant cause of frustration. A POS System that is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to navigate, makes for a better user experience. They’ll also be able to clock in right within the system, making it easy to come into work and hit the ground running, and in the process, improving payroll automation and accuracy.

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Strong Restaurant Reporting

Restaurants generate a lot of data about transactions and customers. If you want to get the full value of this data, you need a solution with intelligent reporting. Look for POS Software System that allows you to generate real-time reports and drill down into whichever metrics matter to your business. You’ll be able to see which products sell best at what times and days, and which sections are the most profitable. You’ll also have better insight into how your staff is performing, your true labor costs, food costs, and the flow of new customers.

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Powerful Restaurant Inventory

It’s no surprise – restaurants have to work with very thin margins. Look for a POS Solution that makes your inventory management simple. You should be able to easily track your ingredients and products and keep an eye on where all of it goes. Not only will you have better insight into what’s happening with your inventory, but you’ll be able to better communicate when it’s time to place an order, or if it’s time to cut back on reordering certain items. MutfakPOS is a specialized restaurant Point of sale system that provides a strong inventory system for your restaurant.

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Ordering Speed

At the end of the day, no matter what kind of restaurant you’re operating, Speed of the Service is of utmost importance. You only have so much time to maximize your opportunity to earn revenue. That means moving through each step of the dining process as quickly as possible, while also offering a seamless experience for customers, wait staff, bar staff, cooks, and managers. The last thing you want is a Point of sale system slowing that process down. Mutfakpos restaurant POS System Software is unique for its speed specially in rush hours.

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Reliable Restaurant POS Support

Remote and physical support from Restaurant POS Company is a very important point to note while choosing a restaurant pos. In case of any accidental trouble with hardware restaurant operation can be effected. So for continuing restaurant operation you must have strong back up of support from Restaurant Point of sale Company. MutfakPOS team is a very professional team available for support to its client in different cities of Pakistan.

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Simply The Best Restaurant POS System Software In Pakistan

MutfakPOS is a top restaurant Point of sale software of Pakistan that is specially and specifically designed for restaurant, coffee houses, Pizza Shops, Food Delivery, Take away outlets etc. Its strong restaurant inventory system and reporting system makes it unique. Its very user friendly and it really works great even at peak hours of restaurant operation. Mutfakpos restaurant point of sale is not only a POS Software, it is a system that automates your restaurant completely. If you are worried for your restaurant inventory, staff management, wastage etc, you must try mutfakPOS restaurant pos. You may go through its features and layout at mutfakPOS restaurant POS system features.

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Mutfak Restaurant POS Software Features

Essential Restaurant POS Software Features to Look Out For!

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Inventory & Recipe Management

Powerful & Simple Inventyory System Linked With Recipe Management To Control Restaurant Wastage
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Caller ID (Delivery Automation)

Transfers Customer Calls From Landline Or Mobile To System, Saves Customer Data, Food History To Inform Them About Occasionally Discounts
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Strong Reporting System

Dozens Of Powerful Reports With Special Filters To Grow Your Business Fast
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Kitchen Display Screen & Print System

Aapprove Or Reject Visually & Audibly Transmitted Orders. Measure Kitchen & Preparation Times Of Orders Automatically
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Waiter Tab Ordering System

Orders is transmitted to kitchen faster when servers accept them tableside rather than traditional paper-based methods
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Staff & Vendor Management

Keeps Staff Data With Their Performance Reports, As Well As Vendor's Payments History
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Remote Monitoring

Monitor your Branches 'Instant Sales Information' On Your Smart Phones
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User Friendly & To The Point

Speedy, On Target & Simple Specially Designed To Handle Rush Hours Of Restaurant
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Excellent Technical Support

Efficinet & Prompt Responding Support, Always There To Assisit You To Resolve Your Cencerns
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