Restaurant POS System Software Company

How A Restaurant POS Helps You To Have Complete Control On Your Daily Operation

Restaurant POS System Software Company plays an important role to control your whole operation. Having a complete back-end and front-end control on your restaurant operation, a restaurant POS is a complete solution for your restaurant management. By using technology here are list of few things that you can take without any effort:

Restaurant POS System Software Company

Order Taking

Billing and order taking are two very important tasks in any restaurant. Fast and efficient order talking at your dine in can improve your table turnaround and can increase revenues.

Order taking procedure actually depends upon type of the restaurant. For example at ”Quick Service Restaurant” It is very easy and fast to complete an order because they just order on counter and take food away by paying on spot in no time. On the other hand in Fine Dining Restaurants waiters has to take order reaching to table and then after giving a compete and detailed service on table, the bill is presented. Here we go through different types of Ordering system and billing procedures in different restaurants:

Mutfakpos is a Restaurant POS System Software Company for all type of restaurants.

Restaurant POS System Software Company

Waiter Tabs Ordering

By providing Order Taking App to your waiters and servers, orders are accepted from the app and pushed to the POS directly. The application is a mini version of POS and it contains all menu display and it is integrated with CRM.

Waiter can also see the best selling items on app and can recommend it to the customer and in this way he can be reason of up selling the food. Most importantly through app order taking time is decreased. Costumer don’t need to wait for order to be punched in on the counter. The order is shown on Kitchen Display System, so it also optimize overall table turnaround time too.

Restaurant POS System Software Company

Guest Tablet Ordering

These days table ordering system has changed face of the restaurant ordering. Rather than old way of having a hard copy sent to the kitchen, costumer orders from tablet own self by looking into full menu display. It also show popular items having high profit which really help to boost restaurant profit.

In this situation, order straightaway goes to the POS and order is shown at Kitchen Display System , so it helps to reduce food preparation time.

Restaurant POS System Software Company

Split Billing

Sometimes costumers visit restaurants in a big group and single person does not want to pay for everyone. That’s why they ask for split bill. Benefit of Mutfak Restaurant POS includes split bills in few clicks.

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Table Reservations

Using Mutfak Restaurant POS you can reserve tables for costumers. Based on current availability, you can have idea about the time for costumer arrival and can tell wait time to costumers in rush hours.

Accepting Online Orders

An intelligent Restaurant POS assist you in accepting online orders without any issue and also makes able to optimize food delivery procedure.

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Order Preparation Process Optimization

If you are worried about delay orders or even missed orders due to rush hours, Kitchen Display System can solve out this tension. Benefit of Mutfakpos is a smart Kitchen Display System. It increase restaurant efficiency. Order information is directly pushed to KDS and chef get acknowledgment in no time. Once order is ready without saying any single word cashier, rider or waiter get acknowledgment that food is ready.

Mutfakpos is a Restaurant POS System Software Company for all kind of Restaurants.

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Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory is backbone of any smart Restaurant POS. But unfortunately many restaurant owners and staff  take it Burdon and then at the end of the day restaurant get worried about stock lost, wastages, theft etc. Mutfakpos has strong Restaurant Inventory Management System that helps you to maintain required stock supply. It keeps record of every vender and their payment. Meanwhile it also helps you maintain stock used in your restaurant.

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Managing the Stock

On the basis of your daily consumption of stock, the POS inventory management system shows you stock-in and stock out report. It also enables to fix re-order alert for each stock item. It alerts you when any of the item reaches to almost finished level.

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Food Costing

As per standard average food cost of any item should be 28-30%. If you have a smart restaurant POS with smart inventory management system, you may know the exact cost price of any of your item. It may help to set you price of each items in your menu.

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Menu Forecasting

An ideal Restaurant POS gives you detailed reports which tells you that how much stock you need to order. It all depends upon consumption of your stock. It also shows you performance of every single item in the menu so that you may take out those items which are disliked by the costumers. So you may upgrade your menu on the basis of menu forecasting through inventory management system.

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Yield Management

It is very necessary to track yield of stock of each item. This helps to analyze the quantity of raw ingredient consumed in a preparing specific item. In this way you may only order for the stock on the basis of exact need and it prevents wastage.

Restaurant POS System Software Company

Number 1 Restaurant POS Software Of Pakistan

Mutfakpos is a top restaurant POS software of Pakistan that is specially and specifically designed for restaurant, coffee houses, Pizza Shops, Food Delivery, Take away outlets etc. Its strong restaurant inventory system and reporting system makes it unique. Its very user friendly and it really works great even at peak hours of restaurant operation. Mutfakpos restaurant pos is not only a POS software, it is a system that automates your restaurant completely. If you question that which is the best pos software in pakistan, the answer is mutfakpos. If you are worried for your restaurant inventory, staff management, wastage etc, you must try mutfakpos restaurant pos. You may go through its features and layout at mutfakpos restaurant POS features.

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