Restaurant Point of Sale

Purely Developed For Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Point Of Sale is backbone for any restaurant operation; either it is quick service or full service restaurant. POS does not only mean to have receipt on the counter and having sale report at end of the day. Actually any restaurant POS is really beneficial to you when it really automate your whole restaurant and operation. So that you may get rid of all your worries of stock wastage, staff management and customer complaints. Major features of a smart Restaurant Point of Sale are:

Restaurant Point Of Sale

Quick Ordering

Smart Point of Sale for Quick & Full Service Restaurants

Quick ordering is very important to any restaurant to optimize table turnover time and increase in delivery and take away orders. More quicker cashier takes order more you increase sale. It is very important that you have very user friendly and easy restaurant pos software with clear interface, so that cashier can take maximum orders in minimum time.

MutfakPOS has perfectly easy and user friendly interface. You do not need to go into tab to tabs. You can just complete order in two to three clicks that makes our restaurant one of the best and effective restaurant point of sale system in Pakistan.

Point Of Sale POS

Wastage Control

Mutfakpos Really Changes Your Restaurant Wastage into Profit

Restaurant Wastage of the stock is the major issue of all restaurants. A strong inventory and recipe management system can control this issue effectively. Mutfakpos has a very powerful and user friendly inventory and recipe management system that lead to control stock wastage in a very effective way. You stock in any new inventory in seconds and have inventory updated report all the time. So having very clear figures about your inventory you can trace wastage and can easily close the open loops.

Point Of Sale for Restaurant

Staff Management

Managing Staff Is Important To Calculate Their Performance

By automating restaurant every single staff working in the restaurant focuses to complete his tasks. System insists them to work under the system and SOP’s made by the restaurant. When all staff of the restaurant works under the standard system, it helps to reduce the noise of the restaurant and makes restaurant environment very calm for the guests.

MutfakPOS Does:

MutfakPOS disciplines all the staff and push them to obey according to restaurant SOP’s. Through login accounts of every single staff they are easily traceable. So it makes them to make less mistakes and work efficient.

Restaurant point of sale system

Strong Reporting System

Just A Minutes Glance & Have All Day Operation Detail

There should be all necessary reports in any smart restaurant pos software. Mutfakpos has dozens of effective reporting system that make restaurant owner to plan according to reports effectively. In this way wastage is controlled easily.

Mutfakpos has powerful reporting system such as vendor report, sale report, staff report, stock inventory report etc.

Restaurant point of sale pakistan

Customer Management

Increase Repeated Customers Through Customer Management System

Customers data is very important for any restaurant to always keep intouch with them and keep them informed about discounts and new items introduced in restaurant. Mutfakpos has a powerful feature as ‘customer management’ where all data is saved. You may send them SMS to promote your new food items and increase sale. Mutfakpos has a powerful automated delivery system through which customer data is saved in a very easy and systemize way.

restaurant point of sale

Kitchen Management

Speed Up Order Completion Time & Increase Sale through Kitchen Automation

Kitchen staff are most important part of the restaurant who have responsibilities in many ways. They have to prepare food in time. They have to maintain taste. And it is challenging thing for them when it is peak hours for restaurants. So it is very necessary to automate kitchen and give maximum facilities to kitchen staff. Mutfakpos has very strong kitchen automation system. Kitchen Display Screen KDS make it very effective and useful in restaurant operation. Less order mistake occur and kitchen staff have less burden.

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Restaurant Point of Sale Features

Essential Restaurant Point of Sale Software Features to Look Out For!

Restaurant pos point of sale software

Inventory & Recipe Management

Powerful & Simple Inventyory System Linked With Recipe Management To Control Restaurant Wastage
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Caller ID (Delivery Automation)

Transfers Customer Calls From Landline Or Mobile To System, Saves Customer Data, Food History To Inform Them About Occasionally Discounts
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Strong Reporting System

Dozens Of Powerful Reports With Special Filters To Grow Your Business Fast
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Kitchen Display Screen & Print System

Aapprove Or Reject Visually & Audibly Transmitted Orders. Measure Kitchen & Preparation Times Of Orders Automatically
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Waiter Tab Ordering System

Orders is transmitted to kitchen faster when servers accept them tableside rather than traditional paper-based methods
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Staff & Vendor Management

Keeps Staff Data With Their Performance Reports, As Well As Vendor's Payments History
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Remote Monitoring

Monitor your Branches 'Instant Sales Information' On Your Smart Phones
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User Friendly & To The Point

Speedy, On Target & Simple Specially Designed To Handle Rush Hours Of Restaurant
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Excellent Technical Support

Efficinet & Prompt Responding Support, Always There To Assisit You To Resolve Your Cencerns
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