Restaurant Inventory Management System

Restaurant Inventory Control and Minimizing Food Wastage

Restaurant Inventory Management System plays a vital role to control wastage in any restaurant. Many restaurant owners fail to keep a solid check on restaurant inventory, and this is very crucial mistake they make. Without tracking inventory, one may be carelessly increasing costs of the food. Therefore, having a check on inventory on a regular basis, calculating present stock at the beginning and at the end of each day, and reordering right on time is a must. This article discusses how restaurants in the Pakistan can keep an eye on inventory and control costs of the food.

How to Monitor Your Restaurant Inventory

Following are few tested tips that how can you keep tight control on your restaurant inventory:

Restaurant Inventory Management System

Monitor Your Daily Consumption

Restaurant manager must always monitor your utilization regularly. By doing this it will assist to be in tune with the present stock in all your outlets. Beside this, you may generate monthly inventory report too.
It can be created manually, or by using Restaurant Management System Software that has a powerful inventory module. This report will assist you to understand that what factors are actually increasing the input cost in your restaurant.

Restaurant Inventory System

Place An Order When Required

When you narrowly inspect your inventory of restaurant, you will know when to order items again.
Unavailability of the stock or expired ingredients is a very negative impression for customers. To keep away from such situation, implement robust restaurant pos management software is very compulsory.
Pos system software will give alerts in real-time as any item to its reorder level. It will ensure that you are placing correct order at perfect time. And even if you are not available on restaurant physically, your inventory items are in stock.

recipe management

Focus On Recipe Management

A restaurant can have maintained inventory system by integrating recipe management feature in the POS software.
For any menu item, based on the number of orders placed in POS, you may track raw ingredients used. You must define standard recipe for every item in the menu. Restaurant owner should know that how much raw material is needed for every single dish, quantity, item’s preparation method, temperature on which this should be prepared and how it should be garnished in plate. It will not only assist chef, kitchen staff to maintain operation but this will minimize the chances of unwanted kitchen wastage up to much extent.

Restaurant Inventory Management System pakistan
Calculate The Differnce

This is true that restaurants are always at risk to theft and pilferage. Cashier counter is the main place which is infamous for such activity. Restaurant Inventory and stock management team is not much behind it. Best way to make sure that no restaurant stock and cash stealing is happening while you are absent in the kitchen and cash counter to check the variance report daily.
It will assist you in tracking the difference between the physical stock used and the ideal stock used on the basis of placed food and beverage orders and also total sale. Generally 6-7% difference is tolerable margin for wastage. If more than this it means there is something wrong going on either by the restaurant cashier or stock supervisor.

tips to control inventory and wastage of restaurant
Analyze Over Ordering Of Each Restaurant Stock Item

More unjustified wastage happens in the kitchen and inventory because restaurants order more than its original requirements according to the recipe and numbers of regular food and beverage orders. The exact yield of every item will keep you informed that how much ingredients is required for preparing particular dish or drink. This enables your order stock on this base.
Through this method while preparing any item, you can finish up risk of extra ordering of restaurant stock. Smart Restaurant Inventory Management System Software assist restaurant owner to calculate over ordering of every single item automatically and creates smart reports for much better monitoring of food costs.

Restaurant Inventory Management System
Manage The Shelf Life Of Stock Items

While managing your stock operation, monitoring shelf life of the stock items is a very critical thing. This is very necessary to use the stock on the base of FIFO Formula (First In First Out) and on the food or drinks raw material expiry date. Super smart restaurant inventory management syetem software enables you to set reminders that date of particular item of restaurant stock is going to be expired. It avoids you from using expired stock ingredients to your food.
Strict restaurant inventory control will not just make you sure that stock is always available in your restaurant kitchen, but it will also assist you to keep the wastage of the kitchen at minimum level. It will reduce the input food cost and maximize the restaurant profit. Apply above tips and control food costs up to much extent.

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