How to Control Restaurant Wastages

Reduce Restaurant Food Waste in smart way, either it is about kitchen or front desk, wastage of the stock or wastage of the ready food item, every restaurant owner is always worried about this serious and much concerned issue. It is very difficult to control wastage 100%. About 3-4% is considered neglect able but more than this will become an issue to resolve. We will try to explain few tips to control your restaurant wastage.

1- Keep Vendors Record

Keeping vendor record means you are managing your every single item’s stock quantity, price, date and time, vendor payment record etc. A good pos system has got vendor management feature. You just need to enter quantity and price whatever stock comes into store or kitchen. You may easily track wastage of the restaurant through this.

2- Staff Training To Reduce Wastage

Either floor or kitchen staff, you must conduct trainings to educate them to reduce wastage of the raw and ready food items. Make SOPs for daily operation and make sure implementation of every staff to minimize wastage. Try to keep all food items fresher as much as possible.

3- Think Twice Before Over Preparing

Over preparing of your signature or popular item gives loss to the restaurant often. Accurate forecasting keeps you safe from such wastage. A smart and good POS System has strong reporting system through which you may easily forecast requirement for any specific items’ preparation.

4- Label Food Properly

All foods should be labeled with date and product name clearly if they are stored in separate containers. Arranging stock properly makes easier to count what is available and what is needed. Clear Labeling on containers prevents you from being thrown away of anything by mistake.

5- FIFO Method Utility

Use FIFO (First in First Out) method to avoid stock getting expired. Proper labeling with date will help you to use this method and you may control a major wastage in restaurant.

6- One Ingredient Used in Multi Items

Your menu should have such items in which you may use one ingredient in multiple items. It will prevent you from wastage of your raw material. An item with fewer sales will fill up the gap with another item’s sale with higher sale.

how to control restaurant food wastage

7- Offer Special Day Discounts & Promotions

When you have stock expiring soon, just open discounts and promotions. It will help you to generate a handsome sale with lesser profit and also will save your stock to get expired.

8- Proper Storage of the Food

Store food items according to their standard temperature environment. Use deep freezer for frozen items, store vegetables and fruits in clod places etc. Friendly temperature environment for the stock may lead their expiry longer and will help you to control such restaurant wastage.

9- Install Smart POS System

Reduce Restaurant Food Waste through a smart POS System. A good POS System plays a vital role to control your restaurant wastage. Due to Waiter Android Tab ordering and Kitchen Display Screen KDS, it will reduce wastage of paper. A smart Restaurant POS provides you with stock demand report to avoid over buying. It also helps you to track your inventory automatically. MutfakPOS is a pure and specifically Restaurant POS System stuffed with to the point features. It will not only make your restaurant operation efficient, fast and noiseless but it will also assist you to control your restaurant wastage well.

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