How POS System for Restaurant Provides Complete Control Over All Operations?

POS System for Restaurant plays a vital role in automating restaurant operation from A-Z. Due to numbers of problems in Pakistani food & beverage industry, there is a reduction in restaurant sales which makes it obligatory for the restaurant owners to be ubiquitous. It can be physically difficult for the restaurant owner to take care of various functions all over theday and may need help. One can engage a manager to look after one or two things but is that sufficient?

As a restaurant owner, you should have every small particular regarding your restaurant which a manager can at times fail to implement, but a restaurant POS won’t! One of the things that most lucky restaurants in Pakistan have in common is a well-organized restaurant POS system. It takes care of everything from billing to the daily reports and gives accurate real-time improvement. This assists in giving the restaurant owners absolute authority over their business, don’t trust us? Read ahead!

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How POS System for Restaurant Provides Complete Control Over All Operations?

A restaurant POS is a one-stop solution for your restaurant administration troubles. It lets you take care of all the backend and frontend functioning perfectly allow the restaurant owners absolute control over the business.
The restaurant POS gives you with the real-time analytical reports which make it easier for the restaurant owners to control the daily operations in a very smooth way. Mutfakpos is a restaurant POS reports you can use to have total control over your restaurant.

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Restaurant Sales Report

As mentioned before, there has been a decrease in sales of the restaurants in last few months in Pakistan which makes it essential for the restaurant owners to look through their sales and see how it can be raised again.
A restaurant POS system gives you comprehensive sales reports and lets you analyze the current trends. A restaurant’s persistence simply depends on the sales; therefore restaurant owners need to keep a close check on it.
The POS System for Restaurant will give you an outline of the sales made in real-time as well as for a selected time period. There are many filters that can customize sales report up to specific features according to your restaurant reports requirements.
Some restaurant POS systems available in Pakistan also let you keep track of the reports through a mobile phone application which comes handy if you are not physically available at the restaurant. Make use of the sales reporting feature and stay ahead of your competition!

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Billing Reports

Analyzing the billing reports is an excellent way for the restaurant owners to oversee the money that’s coming in. You can keep track of the total number of bills created at your restaurant. It is also a great feature if you own multiple outlets as it will give you real-time reports for all your restaurants at one place.
Billing is something you cannot go wrong with after all it is the cash that keeps a business going! It also lets you keep track of the discount that was offered on each bill. This enables you to track if employees provided any unnecessary discounts.

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Inventory Reports

Inventory is one of the biggest challenges for any restaurant owner. Because of high stealing and the lack of local produce in Pakistan, it is difficult for the restaurant owners to keep a close check on the inventory levels to avoid overspending. A restaurant POS inventory reporting feature can help you with that without any doubt. Inventory reports are important as it helps you to ensure the costs are being maintained, it keeps away any inside stealing and puts a stop you from running out of any important raw material.
You can rapidly check through the inventory levels and examine the stock-in/stock-out reports in real-time. This lets you manage the raw materials easy and keeps away any wastage by ordering the raw materials just when needed.

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Item-level Reports

Thinking to upgrade your restaurant menu? Item-level reports will surely come handy! A POS System for Restaurant provides you with item-level reports that let you analyze the menu items are performing the best and the worst.
It empowers you to keep track of the best-selling items, high-profit-margin items and the performance of each menu item for quick decision making. This report is important if you want to gain more payback, finish up those menu items that are not performing well and replace them with those which may give you good sale.

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Employee Reports

At times it can get hard for the restaurant owner to monitor the performance of the restaurant staff, but a restaurant POS system’s employee reports make the task of observing the employees performance in order. Restaurant owner can manage all the staff by just having a look on staff performance report. This report also shows that how many tables have been served, created bills and time served by every single employee. Employee performance reports provide comprehensive insight into how your employees are translating into sales. This report is very important when it is promotions time and when you revise the pay scale. It actually gives you honest feedback to restaurant employees.

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Customer Relationship Management Reports

If your Restaurant POS System allows you to capture your customer’s details like phone number, email address, etc. you can make use of the Customer Reports in order to determine customer behavior.
In Pakistan, this report comes very handy for the restaurant owners to achieve more opportunity to reach out to new/old customers. Customer Reports let you determine the customers who spend more or visit your restaurant often, which make the task of sending promotional emails and SMS easier. It also enables you to do in-depth research on individual customers and lets you know the average check size, the last visit date, etc. This enables you to learn more about the guests’ experience and how you can take it a step further!

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Multiple Outlet Reports

If you run multiple restaurants outlets, it is very difficult to manage all branches. When there is any issue, multiple outlets reports features lets you to monitor all the branches without any difficulty. Through this preferred feature, you can have bills, sales, inventory etc. When you do not have time to visit every single outlet, this lets you to monitor all your branches. Multiple-outlet reports provide you total control on your business remotely.
Pakistan provides an excellent chance for any restaurant business to prosper provided the restaurant owner has complete control over it. Keeping this at one side that how much efficient is manager of the restaurant, it is very important for the restaurant owner to understand the restaurant operation and to manage it. A smart restaurant POS system creates in-depth reports that will be your assisting hand running your business in a very smooth way.

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MutfakPOS is The Best POS System for Restaurant In Pakistan

Mutfakpos is top pos system for restaurant in Pakistan that is specially and specifically designed for restaurant, coffee houses, Pizza Shops, Food Delivery, Take away outlets etc. Its strong restaurant inventory and reporting system makes it unique. It’s very user friendly and really works great even at peak hours of restaurant operation. Mutfakpos restaurant pos is not only POS software, it is a system that automates your restaurant completely.
If you are worried for your restaurant inventory, staff management, wastage etc. contact us for a free demo today!

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Mutfak Restaurant POS System Features

Essential Restaurant POS System Features to Look Out For!

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Inventory & Recipe Management

Powerful & Simple Inventyory System Linked With Recipe Management To Control Restaurant Wastage
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Caller ID (Delivery Automation)

Transfers Customer Calls From Landline Or Mobile To System, Saves Customer Data, Food History To Inform Them About Occasionally Discounts
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Strong Reporting System

Dozens Of Powerful Reports With Special Filters To Grow Your Business Fast
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Kitchen Display Screen & Print System

Aapprove Or Reject Visually & Audibly Transmitted Orders. Measure Kitchen & Preparation Times Of Orders Automatically
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Waiter Tab Ordering System

Orders is transmitted to kitchen faster when servers accept them tableside rather than traditional paper-based methods
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Staff & Vendor Management

Keeps Staff Data With Their Performance Reports, As Well As Vendor's Payments History
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Remote Monitoring

Monitor your Branches 'Instant Sales Information' On Your Smart Phones
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User Friendly & To The Point

Speedy, On Target & Simple Specially Designed To Handle Rush Hours Of Restaurant
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Excellent Technical Support

Efficinet & Prompt Responding Support, Always There To Assisit You To Resolve Your Cencerns
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